So it’s still only April and rain Is predicted and therefore is highly likely because it’s a bank holiday weekend. Despite all of that I’m off camping for one night and one night only with my two favourite little people and some good friends of ours.
As I say we are only going for one night however my entire boot is filled to bursting with things I’m sure we just won’t need!!
I do actually love camping and aside from having an awful fear of foxes (the very thought of them makes me shudder) I’m pretty much good to go, amongst all the stuff crammed into my poor car I do have some essentials which include alcohol and chocolate 😊
I have a brand new tent which I’ve managed to put up all by myself already this week in the garden so I’m feeling reasonably confident about erecting it,whether or not it stays put is another matter. I am literally praying it doesn’t rain not least so my hair doesn’t get ruined in the process, I mean come on I need to try and look my best at all times~I’m single for heavens sake! Although whilst inevitably huffing and puffing trying to make the tent stand up and referee the kids who will no doubt find this an opportune time to need something desperately or indeed just start an argument between them for no reason what so ever I’m not sure I’ll be looking exactly fabulous I will however try!On the plus side they do say you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain, and I’m sure whatever happens it’ll prove to be another fab little adventure to add to our crazy memories .❤️x


Here’s my number?!

IMG_0524Numbers~ they seem to cause me  constant confusion in one way or another, if it’s not Wednesday night maths it’s guys online simply handing out their number as if they’ve known me for years! Now obviously that’s up to them but what baffles me is how they can be offended if you don’t immediately return the gesture with your own number.Only  this morning after receiving two messages from a new face, his number appeared on my screen saying ‘call me lets chat’ now maybe I’m old fashioned but I like to at least have some sort of conversation before even thinking about Swopping numbers, that said though is typing messages back and forth really a conversation? Although I’m quite sure I’m far wittier via text than I would be over the phone or indeed face to face especially on the first date. That’s the thing with nerves you can never know how they’ll make me feel. On a first date I’ll be super nervous (that’s a given) however how that affects me is unknown until I arrive and am required to open my mouth and converse with essentially a complete stranger! Basically my date will be met with one of two choices~I’ll either talk a load of rubbish as soon as I set eyes on him, practically tripping over my words and giving him a full run day of my day in about 30 seconds before he’s had a chance to get a word in edgeways, as I speak I’ll be willing myself to shut up and draw breath, or I simply won’t be able to string two words together and will try to form some sort of conversation whilst my face turns several shades of pink!  I have had the joy of these experiences on several occasions and was amazed to have had second dates!!  I remain ever hopeful that the numbers will add up one day, surely my ability to put 2 and 2 together must be getting better with experience!❤️X

Does there have to be a deal breaker?

IMG_0493Does everyone have a type? Are we all looking for someone of a certain age,height,with specific eye /hair colour etc? Or is it just me who seems reluctantly unable to move away from my stereotypical ideals? Am I dismissing people at first glance because they are not tall dark and handsome?! One thing that I think is pretty much a given for me is height, I’m not tall I’m approx 5ft5 but I do love a nice pair of heels~the higher the better and although I’m quite well rehearsed at wearing them if I’m not careful I can have a tendency to walk like Aunt Sally on a bad day, especially after several hours of dancing and far too much Prosecco!   That said I simply couldn’t turn up to a date in flats, therefore I always look for someone taller than me. I am fully aware that whilst I might be scrolling through profiles faster than a dog chasing the local cat, somewhere in cyber space men will be busy dismissing my profile too for various reasons~maybe my hairs not right,I’m not tall enough or they just don’t like my face! I guess what I’m trying to say is that we shouldn’t take everything at face value, one or two photos and a few words in a box do not and should not define anyone, and quite frankly those boxes are no where near big enough for me to show off my witty humour and sunny personality! Maybe I should slow down and think outside the box ~sounds good to me, let’s see if I can put that into practise. ❤️X


IMG_0482I can’t run to catch a bus, but it seems I am always running out of things namely~patience,energy and time! As I’ve mentioned before I am known for being late, it’s never intentional I just tend to give myself too much to do or I get distracted, very easily distracted actually! For example~on Saturday I found myself sitting behind a car at a roundabout, I decided to take this opportunity to quickly check my make up, after a brief glance and a little flick of my hair I look up and notice a man in the car to the left of me looking at me somewhat confused (and probably not impressed that I hadn’t moved!) I flash him a cheeky red lipstick smile and drive off,not daring to too see if he had returned said smile. What I’m really hoping for is to find a distraction of the handsome male variety,preferably one with nice arms who smells of my favourite aftershave I don’t think that’s too much to ask for. Speaking of which  watch this space~I have a date lined up for weds eve eek!! ❤️X

Dinner for two

IMG_0466First dates is a favourite of mine.  When I say that I mean the programme not actually going on one!  Don’t get me wrong I realise that in order to meet the man of my dreams I do infact have to participate in such things,but in my experience the initial one is never easy. There is so much to consider once you’ve finally managed to find a day/eve that you are both free and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!                                 Personally for me the next hurdle is where to meet,this should be fairly straightforward you’ve got your obvious options~coffee,pub,dinner.  Oh hang on did I say dinner??  Oh no that’s big no no for me on the first date and  if I’m totally honest the next couple of dates too, in fact the longer I can go without having to eat in front of a date the better! For some reason the very thought of having to do so makes me even more nervous,even I would of thought that by my age I would of conquered that by now.  I guess it’s these funny little things that make us different, after all it would be a boring world if we were all the same~at least that’s what I tell myself and I’m sticking to it.❤️x


IMG_0460.JPGSo it’s Wednesday also known as hump day 😊. Two things that are bound to give me the big fat hump are should that be lack of?! And 2.maths. I’m sure your wondering what maths has to do with anything so let me fill you in. Wednesday nights are if you like ‘my night off’ I’m child free and the possibilities could be endless I mean I could be out meeting friends, having fun and exciting dates(don’t laugh!) or indeed just chilling at home but no not me for reasons best known to myself I decided that it would be good to further my education so at the grand old age of 39yrs I signed up to retake gcse maths. Now maths was never my strong subject when I was 15yrs so what possessed me to think I would be any better at it this time round is anyone’s guess!! That sounds similar to dating really although I’m fairly certain that was easier back then, if only there was a simple equation for love and life without all the complications thrown in! Maybe once I’ve finished becoming an maths genius I’ll invent a love calculator with the exact formula required to meet your perfect match~the chances of either of those things happening are slimmer than I’ll ever be, so for now I shall smile and hold on tight as I enjoy the rollercoaster we call life #humpday x❤️

The Mind Boggles

IMG_0496.PNGThe mind boggles is a funny saying isn’t it?! My mind seems to be constantly boggled and has a definite tendency to wander,like tonight for instance whilst at swimming lessons~now obviously the main objective here is to watch my daughters lesson intently and give that my full attention,the reality is  although I am watching(despite not being able to see well due to the layout of this place)my mind is wandering across several subjects~what shall we have for dinner? What have I got to do when I get home and perhaps most important is that guy over there single too? Ha ha,I am fairly sure he’s not thinking the same thing about me as I sit here practically melting in the heat with barely a scrap of make up on!  Speaking of wondering if someone is single I have noticed that a regular question online seems to be ‘are you single?’ Now you might think that’s a question you wouldn’t need to ask when using a dating site but I have recieved messages from guys who are not only not single but in fact married!!! I personally find this hard to comprehend and indeed digest and whilst I could go off on a rant about it I shall park it there, it really does confirm the phrase’ the mind boggles!!!’  Happy Tuesday everyone ❤️X


IMG_0497So this morning I’m taking multi~tasking to a  whole new level,having got up at 6.30am to do my morning exercises that I’ve not done for two weeks with a distinct feeling that yes this is going to hurt, I’m unable to find my gym leggings,now this in itself is hilarious as I’ve never set foot in a gym but do actually own a pair#allthegearnoidea springs to mind.I chuck on a pair of pyjama bottoms (thats a whole other story) and head downstairs to do said exercises. So the musics on and I’m jumping around like a crazy thing and I’m checking my messages, it seems there’s a theme going on as three of them where from younger guys one of them 10yrs my junior~his message stuck out the most as he said and I quote’Hey how are you,have to say you look really good for your age’ my age?? Seriously is that like some kind of back handed compliment? Yes I am approaching 40yrs and at this precise moment feel double my age having completed my exercises but come on I’m clinging onto my thirties with all my might and am slightly alarmed to be told I’m looking good for my age he he. Which brings me nicely to the subject of age gaps always a hot topic of conversation does age really matter younger or older? Surely it’s all about the individual but as I’m learning all the time surely our thoughts and ideals about who we think we want to meet/date are and should be subject to a different prospective however like most things in life that sounds so straightforward and simple but the reality is somewhat different. They do say variety is the spice of life so who knows~watch this space ❤️x


The highs and lows of dating so far….

IMG_0498.PNGA little more about me and how this blog came about. So it’s no secret I’ve been single and dating for a while, whilst it can be nerve racking at times it also lends itself to some hilarious moments along the way! The inspiration behind writing this comes from several things~ a few Amaretos,lots of dates and of course my fantastic friends who are always here when I need them for help and advice or a shoulder to cry on. Let’s be honest dating is never easy and with the help of the internet it can be a blessing and a curse as we try and navigate the turbulent path to love! Now as I mentioned I have two children who are my absolute world they are always on hand to make me smile particularly with their wonderfully innocent comments,for example whilst getting ready to leave the house one morning my youngest asked ‘are you ready Mummy’ to which I reply ‘nearly I’m just doing my make~up’ his response?? ‘Oh wow that means we have to wait ages!!’ Follow this with my eldest suggesting that maybe I could swop bedrooms as really I surely only need a single bed these days and I’m sure you’ll see where I’m coming from.Im willing to bet that you can all relate with where I’m coming from at some point in your life.Unintentionally  I find myself with some funny stories which I would love to share,along with the damn right cringeworthy. Life is far too short to be serious all of the time so follow more for more fun and laughter.❤️X

Wednesday night

IMG_0500.PNGHi everyone so as promised I’m here to share with you my journey on the quest for love! Let me take you back to Wednesday evening, I had arranged a date,we had been chatting for quite a few weeks and realistically I had at least two weeks to prepare for the date itself~what could possibly go wrong?! Well as you’ll learn time keeping is not one of my best attributes and I am a pro when it comes to being late, people that know me never expect me on time and can be sure of a text announcing that of course I’m running late! So despite having had 2hrs to get ready I was of course running behind,I text my date to let him know him know that I would be there asap. After several outfit changes and the realisation that actually I have nothing to wear I settle for the first outfit that I had previously tried on and discarded an hour and a half ago. I then have the painstaking job of choosing which shoes will go best whilst rushing around finishing my hair and makeup and trying not to hyperventilate with nerves. I’m finally ready to leave the house (30mins later than planned) I take a deep breath,shut the front door and break off one of my carefully applied nails ouch! Rushing back indoors to find the nail glue which of course is no where to be seen because it’s underneath the entire contents of my wardrobe which are covering my bed, having located said glue it refuses to open therefore in my wisdom I decide to open it using my teeth~marvellous I now have a dollop of dried nail glue on my lip and on one of my back teeth,as if I’m not late enough I now require a thorough mouth rinse. Having reattached my nail and drunk some mouth wash I’m finally on my way. Eventually I arrive almost half an hour late and as I jump out of the car my shoe decides to break, so I’m now hot,nervous and hobbling towards the pub to meet my date. Despite all that at the end of the night he still wants to see me again! Here comes the tricky part~I’m not sure if I want a second date but I’m too polite/shy to say this there and then so we fast forward to Saturday afternoon and after much deliberation and a chat with a good friend I decide a second date isn’t for me. I now have the unenviable task of letting him know in the nicest possible way of course. I’m left hoping that the next date I go on will be plain sailing and much less eventful I somehow doubt this though. I hope to catch up with you next time for more highs,lows and definitely giggles on my dating journey.❤️X