The highs and lows of dating so far….

IMG_0498.PNGA little more about me and how this blog came about. So it’s no secret I’ve been single and dating for a while, whilst it can be nerve racking at times it also lends itself to some hilarious moments along the way! The inspiration behind writing this comes from several things~ a few Amaretos,lots of dates and of course my fantastic friends who are always here when I need them for help and advice or a shoulder to cry on. Let’s be honest dating is never easy and with the help of the internet it can be a blessing and a curse as we try and navigate the turbulent path to love! Now as I mentioned I have two children who are my absolute world they are always on hand to make me smile particularly with their wonderfully innocent comments,for example whilst getting ready to leave the house one morning my youngest asked ‘are you ready Mummy’ to which I reply ‘nearly I’m just doing my make~up’ his response?? ‘Oh wow that means we have to wait ages!!’ Follow this with my eldest suggesting that maybe I could swop bedrooms as really I surely only need a single bed these days and I’m sure you’ll see where I’m coming from.Im willing to bet that you can all relate with where I’m coming from at some point in your life.Unintentionally  I find myself with some funny stories which I would love to share,along with the damn right cringeworthy. Life is far too short to be serious all of the time so follow more for more fun and laughter.❤️X


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