Wednesday night

IMG_0500.PNGHi everyone so as promised I’m here to share with you my journey on the quest for love! Let me take you back to Wednesday evening, I had arranged a date,we had been chatting for quite a few weeks and realistically I had at least two weeks to prepare for the date itself~what could possibly go wrong?! Well as you’ll learn time keeping is not one of my best attributes and I am a pro when it comes to being late, people that know me never expect me on time and can be sure of a text announcing that of course I’m running late! So despite having had 2hrs to get ready I was of course running behind,I text my date to let him know him know that I would be there asap. After several outfit changes and the realisation that actually I have nothing to wear I settle for the first outfit that I had previously tried on and discarded an hour and a half ago. I then have the painstaking job of choosing which shoes will go best whilst rushing around finishing my hair and makeup and trying not to hyperventilate with nerves. I’m finally ready to leave the house (30mins later than planned) I take a deep breath,shut the front door and break off one of my carefully applied nails ouch! Rushing back indoors to find the nail glue which of course is no where to be seen because it’s underneath the entire contents of my wardrobe which are covering my bed, having located said glue it refuses to open therefore in my wisdom I decide to open it using my teeth~marvellous I now have a dollop of dried nail glue on my lip and on one of my back teeth,as if I’m not late enough I now require a thorough mouth rinse. Having reattached my nail and drunk some mouth wash I’m finally on my way. Eventually I arrive almost half an hour late and as I jump out of the car my shoe decides to break, so I’m now hot,nervous and hobbling towards the pub to meet my date. Despite all that at the end of the night he still wants to see me again! Here comes the tricky part~I’m not sure if I want a second date but I’m too polite/shy to say this there and then so we fast forward to Saturday afternoon and after much deliberation and a chat with a good friend I decide a second date isn’t for me. I now have the unenviable task of letting him know in the nicest possible way of course. I’m left hoping that the next date I go on will be plain sailing and much less eventful I somehow doubt this though. I hope to catch up with you next time for more highs,lows and definitely giggles on my dating journey.❤️X


6 thoughts on “Wednesday night

  1. Actually can picture this happening, and of course it could only happen to you! Looking forward to hearing all about your next adventure!! X


  2. Don’t feel guilty about not wanting a second date – its worse to string someone along when you know you’re not feeling it
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

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