IMG_0497So this morning I’m taking multi~tasking to a  whole new level,having got up at 6.30am to do my morning exercises that I’ve not done for two weeks with a distinct feeling that yes this is going to hurt, I’m unable to find my gym leggings,now this in itself is hilarious as I’ve never set foot in a gym but do actually own a pair#allthegearnoidea springs to mind.I chuck on a pair of pyjama bottoms (thats a whole other story) and head downstairs to do said exercises. So the musics on and I’m jumping around like a crazy thing and I’m checking my messages, it seems there’s a theme going on as three of them where from younger guys one of them 10yrs my junior~his message stuck out the most as he said and I quote’Hey how are you,have to say you look really good for your age’ my age?? Seriously is that like some kind of back handed compliment? Yes I am approaching 40yrs and at this precise moment feel double my age having completed my exercises but come on I’m clinging onto my thirties with all my might and am slightly alarmed to be told I’m looking good for my age he he. Which brings me nicely to the subject of age gaps always a hot topic of conversation does age really matter younger or older? Surely it’s all about the individual but as I’m learning all the time surely our thoughts and ideals about who we think we want to meet/date are and should be subject to a different prospective however like most things in life that sounds so straightforward and simple but the reality is somewhat different. They do say variety is the spice of life so who knows~watch this space ❤️x



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