The Mind Boggles

IMG_0496.PNGThe mind boggles is a funny saying isn’t it?! My mind seems to be constantly boggled and has a definite tendency to wander,like tonight for instance whilst at swimming lessons~now obviously the main objective here is to watch my daughters lesson intently and give that my full attention,the reality is  although I am watching(despite not being able to see well due to the layout of this place)my mind is wandering across several subjects~what shall we have for dinner? What have I got to do when I get home and perhaps most important is that guy over there single too? Ha ha,I am fairly sure he’s not thinking the same thing about me as I sit here practically melting in the heat with barely a scrap of make up on!  Speaking of wondering if someone is single I have noticed that a regular question online seems to be ‘are you single?’ Now you might think that’s a question you wouldn’t need to ask when using a dating site but I have recieved messages from guys who are not only not single but in fact married!!! I personally find this hard to comprehend and indeed digest and whilst I could go off on a rant about it I shall park it there, it really does confirm the phrase’ the mind boggles!!!’  Happy Tuesday everyone ❤️X


One thought on “The Mind Boggles

  1. Multi tasking at its best! I always check for a ring when a man catches my eye. Although that doesn’t mean anything these days.


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