IMG_0460.JPGSo it’s Wednesday also known as hump day 😊. Two things that are bound to give me the big fat hump are 1.dating~or should that be lack of?! And 2.maths. I’m sure your wondering what maths has to do with anything so let me fill you in. Wednesday nights are if you like ‘my night off’ I’m child free and the possibilities could be endless I mean I could be out meeting friends, having fun and exciting dates(don’t laugh!) or indeed just chilling at home but no not me for reasons best known to myself I decided that it would be good to further my education so at the grand old age of 39yrs I signed up to retake gcse maths. Now maths was never my strong subject when I was 15yrs so what possessed me to think I would be any better at it this time round is anyone’s guess!! That sounds similar to dating really although I’m fairly certain that was easier back then, if only there was a simple equation for love and life without all the complications thrown in! Maybe once I’ve finished becoming an maths genius I’ll invent a love calculator with the exact formula required to meet your perfect match~the chances of either of those things happening are slimmer than I’ll ever be, so for now I shall smile and hold on tight as I enjoy the rollercoaster we call life #humpday x❤️


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