IMG_0482I can’t run to catch a bus, but it seems I am always running out of things namely~patience,energy and time! As I’ve mentioned before I am known for being late, it’s never intentional I just tend to give myself too much to do or I get distracted, very easily distracted actually! For example~on Saturday I found myself sitting behind a car at a roundabout, I decided to take this opportunity to quickly check my make up, after a brief glance and a little flick of my hair I look up and notice a man in the car to the left of me looking at me somewhat confused (and probably not impressed that I hadn’t moved!) I flash him a cheeky red lipstick smile and drive off,not daring to too see if he had returned said smile. What I’m really hoping for is to find a distraction of the handsome male variety,preferably one with nice arms who smells of my favourite aftershave I don’t think that’s too much to ask for. Speaking of which  watch this space~I have a date lined up for weds eve eek!! ❤️X


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