Does there have to be a deal breaker?

IMG_0493Does everyone have a type? Are we all looking for someone of a certain age,height,with specific eye /hair colour etc? Or is it just me who seems reluctantly unable to move away from my stereotypical ideals? Am I dismissing people at first glance because they are not tall dark and handsome?! One thing that I think is pretty much a given for me is height, I’m not tall I’m approx 5ft5 but I do love a nice pair of heels~the higher the better and although I’m quite well rehearsed at wearing them if I’m not careful I can have a tendency to walk like Aunt Sally on a bad day, especially after several hours of dancing and far too much Prosecco!   That said I simply couldn’t turn up to a date in flats, therefore I always look for someone taller than me. I am fully aware that whilst I might be scrolling through profiles faster than a dog chasing the local cat, somewhere in cyber space men will be busy dismissing my profile too for various reasons~maybe my hairs not right,I’m not tall enough or they just don’t like my face! I guess what I’m trying to say is that we shouldn’t take everything at face value, one or two photos and a few words in a box do not and should not define anyone, and quite frankly those boxes are no where near big enough for me to show off my witty humour and sunny personality! Maybe I should slow down and think outside the box ~sounds good to me, let’s see if I can put that into practise. ❤️X


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