Here’s my number?!

IMG_0524Numbers~ they seem to cause me  constant confusion in one way or another, if it’s not Wednesday night maths it’s guys online simply handing out their number as if they’ve known me for years! Now obviously that’s up to them but what baffles me is how they can be offended if you don’t immediately return the gesture with your own number.Only  this morning after receiving two messages from a new face, his number appeared on my screen saying ‘call me lets chat’ now maybe I’m old fashioned but I like to at least have some sort of conversation before even thinking about Swopping numbers, that said though is typing messages back and forth really a conversation? Although I’m quite sure I’m far wittier via text than I would be over the phone or indeed face to face especially on the first date. That’s the thing with nerves you can never know how they’ll make me feel. On a first date I’ll be super nervous (that’s a given) however how that affects me is unknown until I arrive and am required to open my mouth and converse with essentially a complete stranger! Basically my date will be met with one of two choices~I’ll either talk a load of rubbish as soon as I set eyes on him, practically tripping over my words and giving him a full run day of my day in about 30 seconds before he’s had a chance to get a word in edgeways, as I speak I’ll be willing myself to shut up and draw breath, or I simply won’t be able to string two words together and will try to form some sort of conversation whilst my face turns several shades of pink!  I have had the joy of these experiences on several occasions and was amazed to have had second dates!!  I remain ever hopeful that the numbers will add up one day, surely my ability to put 2 and 2 together must be getting better with experience!❤️X


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