So it’s still only April and rain Is predicted and therefore is highly likely because it’s a bank holiday weekend. Despite all of that I’m off camping for one night and one night only with my two favourite little people and some good friends of ours.
As I say we are only going for one night however my entire boot is filled to bursting with things I’m sure we just won’t need!!
I do actually love camping and aside from having an awful fear of foxes (the very thought of them makes me shudder) I’m pretty much good to go, amongst all the stuff crammed into my poor car I do have some essentials which include alcohol and chocolate 😊
I have a brand new tent which I’ve managed to put up all by myself already this week in the garden so I’m feeling reasonably confident about erecting it,whether or not it stays put is another matter. I am literally praying it doesn’t rain not least so my hair doesn’t get ruined in the process, I mean come on I need to try and look my best at all times~I’m single for heavens sake! Although whilst inevitably huffing and puffing trying to make the tent stand up and referee the kids who will no doubt find this an opportune time to need something desperately or indeed just start an argument between them for no reason what so ever I’m not sure I’ll be looking exactly fabulous I will however try!On the plus side they do say you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain, and I’m sure whatever happens it’ll prove to be another fab little adventure to add to our crazy memories .❤️x


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