Just had to share this with you.It really was a case of laugh or cry today.

I chose laughter because quite frankly it’s so ridiculous!

I’ll set the scene for you~ my daughter had just popped into the shop for me. She left her very flat (in size) black mobile phone on the dash board.

A few minutes later she was back in the car and off we went.

Obviously it’s a beautifully sunny day and the windows were wound fully down.

Just as we approached home I turned left off of a roundabout, the next thing I know there’s a thud and my daughter shouts words I was never expecting to hear ‘Mummy my phone has fallen out of the window’.

You can imagine my reaction of ‘what on earth!!!’ I managed to park the car in a nearby lay by, I jumped out and ran towards the path hoping that’s where it had landed but oh no it was in the road. 

Fortunately no traffic was coming so I was able to grab it safely.

However of course that’s not the end of the drama~ it wasn’t the whole phone I had picked up it was one part of it, I grabbed the other two parts and headed back to the car muttering to myself!
It was only once I had sat back in the car that I remembered I was still wearing my pyjama bottoms( drove home from the campsite in them!)

So not only had I made a mad dash to pick up said phone I was wearing ugg boots and pj bottoms too.

It all happens in our family!❤️x


Little things 

Something I learnt last night I’m rubbish at football!!Had a fab time playing it though apart from when the ball came any where near me and I screamed like a girl,he he.

Apparently I’m also embarrassing~who knew?! Muuuummmmm don’t say that your not a teenager and it’s not coolSorry kids I think it is! 

Although they fight and argue my two have an unbreakable bond.My daughter hurt her leg and was crying, my son stopped what he was doing and went to see if she was ok,gave her hug and kept checking up on her.

Before I climbed into bed I peeked in at them snuggled up,fast asleep in the tent and my heart melted. They may be growing up so fast but they will always be my babies. 

As I laid in bed it was quiet and cosy it reminded me of camping as a child and the fun we used to have.

I know my two have had a fab time and I also know that one day they will look back fondly on these memories too.

I have however had a terrible nights sleep and am in need of some strong coffee before I even contemplate taking the tent down.

The kids are still fast asleep, whilst I begin the joy that is organising and re~packing the car,no doubt it won’t go in half as well as it did when we left home on Monday all excited to be here.

Wish me luck~I think I’m going to need it.❤️x

Fun and smiles 

I am pleased to announce that we have woken to a dry morning thank goodness. We had our fair share of rain yesterday but it didn’t dampen our spirits. In between the showers we managed to light the BBQ and keep it going long enough to cook some dinner.

 It then absolutely chucked down talk about timing!

We sheltered in the tent and played games and music until bedtime.

The kids all settled well and us grown ups sat outside enjoying the peaceful eve.

This gave me the opportunity to check my messages,imagine my surprise when I got a message from someone who is also staying on the same campsite~talk about a small world!

In case your wondering no I haven’t seen him~as much as I’m embracing the camping lifestyle and have showered and blow dried my hair I’m hoping not to bump into him anytime soon he he.

I’m hoping to see the sun today and make a trip to the beach,in the mean time it’s so nice to be out in the fresh air, seeing the kids run around and enjoy all the open space around us.

Happy days.❤️x

I’m just a girl.

I’m just a girl, all grown up

Wondering where the years have gone and what’s next to come in this crazy thing we call life.

I’m just as girl who gets lonely Inside but counts her blessings to have such precious love in my life, my children, my family and my friends.

I’m just a girl confused by this world about what I have seen and what will be in the future for my children.

I’m just a girl, I think too much, maybe care too much at the wrong times.

I’m just a girl with a smile on my face,making the most of life,taking each day as it comes.



Tomorrow we are going camping again for two nights this time.

I am all packed and ready, not remotely stressed and super organised. 
Ha ha ha who am I kidding?!

The only thing I’ve managed to do is spend a small fortune for enough food to feed the campsite!
I may have also been slightly distracted by the new nail varnish and lamp that my daughter and I have just brought and couldn’t wait to try out.
So in reality apart from having nice nails and some food,I am as unorganised as ever.

I get far too sidetracked and really need to learn to stick to one job at a time.

Of course it will all get done eventually, I did however not want to be up all night doing it!
Their has been a few giggles today.

In particular some classic one liners on the dating apps. Now I know it’s not easy to think of something different and maybe attention grabbing when you message some one for the first time but these did make me smile.
Firstly~ Hi sorry for the late reply, (hilarious I didn’t even message you.)

Then~ I’ve lost my number please can I have yours?

And last but by no means least~I know your inbox must be full but I hope you’ll reply to me!!
Maybe I should take some tips from them and be a little more creative with my conversation starters?!

For now though however I really must get packed and organised and hope that the rain stays away for the next few days.

Happy Sunday everyone.❤️x


Yesterday was a fab day, busy as ever but much fun. It started off like most days in our house with coffee and me running late!  We had planned to meet family at the beach, and after almost locking my keys in the car we sat down for a picnic.

After lunch, despite the weather not being as nice, the children had a great time playing together at the splash pad and enjoyed getting soaking wet.

We popped home to get warm and dry then headed over to Brighton to meet a good friend of ours and of course do a little shopping.

Several shops later and I was definitely ready for a rest. Our next stop was at Prezzo down  at the Marina, where we were lucky enough to take part in the BritMums#PrezzoLaFamigliachallenge sponsored by Prezzo.

It had turned into a lovely evening and their was much excitement as we walked around the Marina admiring the array of boats and glistening sea.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we where given a choice of tables, the children chose a booth which was great as it had a round table and comfy seating.

We were shown the menu and the options available for the LaFamiglia sharing pasta bowl. Their was 4 tempting options to choose from. We settled for spaghetti Carbonara (a firm favourite).

Whilst waiting for our main we were served two large garlic breads which were easily big enough for us all( we even had some left over).

The children were busy with a word  search  puzzle sheet they had been given, we had our drinks and enjoyed talking about our day.

When the Spaghetti Carbonara was brought over in a large bowl and placed in the middle of the table, my daughter was thrilled to be able to serve us all our dinner. She handed out bowls and was happy to choose the portion she wanted. After going back for seconds she publicly declared that ‘the food was amazing’ and better than what Mummy cooks at home!

It certainly was lovely to relax and enjoy a wonderful meal and good company, not having to wash up was also an added bonus!

We were almost too full up for desert but couldn’t resist the ice~cream. Chocolate and strawberry were popular choices and very, very nice. My ever adventurous girl chose chocolate and sea~salt gelato and gave that a big thumbs up too.

I couldn’t leave without having a coffee (of course) an Americano which tasted as good as it looked. After a chat with the friendly staff we headed for home.

It was a peaceful drive home along the seafront with the sun setting behind us. My youngest slept all the way home, tired out after a busy day. A day of making more memories with my favourite people.❤️x




Wouldn’t it be great if we saw ourselves the way others see us?
In the society we live in we are often far too harsh and critical of ourselves.

We are quick to pick out what we think are flaws or unattractive things about us.

I for one spend a lot of time feeling self~conscious about myself in many different ways, and this has caused me to cancel dates etc because I think that I wouldn’t be what that person is looking for,surely they would want someone slimmer, who looks different etc.

However who are we to possibly know what someone likes and dislikes?
And ultimately if someone dislikes you purely because of the way you look then they’re not for you!

Surely it’s time to love ourselves and be happy, stop focusing on the negative and celebrate the positives.

We are all amazing and beautiful in our own unique ways.❤️x


When all you want to do is get in bed but you can’t because your waiting for the washing machine to finish what is supposed to be a quick wash but seems to have been spinning for ages.

And when it finally finishes you can’t find your bed because it’s covered in summer clothing that you’ve dug out of the wardrobe now that the sun has decided to shine for more than one day.

Having found said clothing this now provides a visual reminder of why having ‘biscuits for breakfast’ and ‘sneaking cherry bakewells into the house’ wasn’t such a good idea and sticking to the diet would of been much better!

As I sit here looking at my brown feet and white legs I regret to inform you that summer clothes will have to be worn to at least prevent me from looking like a zebra!

Eventually I managed to crawl into bed at a fairly respectable time (for me anyway) hoping to have some much needed sleep.

Of course I’ve woken up feeling fresh as a daisy~hang on who am I kidding?!
Sleep just doesn’t like me so I’m as tired as ever, however it’s Friday which means two things~1. It’s the weekend~yippee and 2.its chocolate Friday~yummy.

I hope your Friday is happy and yummy too.❤️x


It’s safe to say I’m pretty rubbish at remembering things. Even so I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when I arrived home to find a man on my doorstep!
It took me a minute to recognise both his face and the reason he was there.
I did of course have an appointment with the gas engineer for my boiler check.

Fortunately I had come home before needing to pop to Asda otherwise he would of had a long wait(when will I ever organise my life?!).

I’ll blame that on the fact I’ve had my exam today and it was indeed hard~therefore I’m totally looking forward to the next two(not).

Still the sun is still shining which is always nice and I have my niece and nephew coming for a sleepover too, which is always good fun,it’s lovely to hear them all playing together in the garden~long may this weather continue.

It’s a bit quiet on the dating front, mind you I’ve been busy revising so maybe when that’s done who knows?!
I was asked to go on a date but after chatting it turned out he wants children and as that’s no longer possible for me, that didn’t go ahead, but that’s all part of this wonderful world of dating.

We have all led different lives and not everyone is searching for the same thing~surely it would be strange if we were?
It’s quite apparent from these dating sites that people are wanting no commitment at all or serious commitment/marriage etc.
From my experience meeting people who are looking for something in between don’t seem so easy to find.

I must say I was left wondering if the very nice guy at the petrol station this morning was both single and looking for love.
Either way he brightened my day!❤️x


I’m sitting outside in the beautiful sunshine as I write this, the sky is so blue and the birds are singing
It’s all very peaceful or should I say it was before I gave the neighbours an impromptu flash of my underwear as a ladybird flew straight down my top~to be fair I thought it was a wasp and In my haste pulled my vest top almost fully down revealing an eye full, sorry everyone!!

I’ve cut the grass which was resembling a jungle, I’m not entirely sure it looks any better now though it’s had what can only be described as a very bad haircut! Gardening clearly isn’t one of my best subjects.

Speaking of subjects it’s my last evening at maths tonight and although it’s been hard going I will actually miss it, I’ve met some great people and made new friends , I’m hoping that my maths skills have improved too ha ha.

They will certainly be put to the test tomorrow when we sit the first of three exams.To say I’m nervous would be any understatement but as I say to my two all the time as long as you your best that’s fair enough.

Still we shall see what tomorrow brings(hopefully all the answers!)
I shall now finish tidying up the mess I’ve made out here whilst enjoying the sun.
Happy Wednesday everyone.❤️x