Monday Morning

IMG_0522We survived camping oh yes! It rained in fact it poured but the tent went up without a hitch and although I spent a good hour crawling around on all  fours concious that my backside was on show to the world it could of been worse! I had to ask a neighbour (who yes was male!) about how to attach the guide ropes but other than that it all was all plain sailing. We popped out for food and it wasn’t until we walked through the door I realised I was wearing half of the camping field on my jeans, along with my drowned rat hair do I was totally rocking it, at least I had reapplied my lipstick! Undeterred by the rain we sat outside in the eve with an umbrella and a cheeky cider, I was most confused when my friend said she’d love a picnic, a picnic? It’s chucking it down no not that kind of picnic~ a chocolate bar!! Maybe the cider was stronger than I thought. Fortunately everyone slept well and we kept warm, I’m currently hiding from any form of mirror as I am well aware my hair is taking the bed head look to a whole new level. On reflection my favourite part of the night had to be sitting inside the tent all cosy with the kids they were both tucked up  in bed and wanted a story, after a few pages all was very quiet and they’d both fallen asleep, I can honestly say that brought a tear to my eye~it’s been a long time since they’ve done that, it’s definitely true that little things mean a lot. Speaking of which Im off to make bacon sandwiches and coffee! Happy  Bank Holiday everyone.❤️X


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