Its a Match

IMG_0584Picture the scene it’s early in the morning on a quiet campsite, people are just getting up and wandering to the showers or making breakfast when all of a sudden from out of my tent appears my daughter waving a pair of my knickers in the air like a flag and ‘shouting Mummy I just found these in the tent, whose are they?’
To make matters worse they weren’t even my best pair!!
It’s no secret to my friends and family that I like,well actually insist on having matching things particularly socks and underwear and I won’t leave the house unless I’m fully matching, causing constant amusement and much teasing! This brings me back to my new found hobby I fondly refer to as online dating, now as I have discovered, if your lucky you get messages pop up in your inbox stating ‘it’s a match’ put simply this means you have a mutual attraction with some one. Sounds good to me, I’m learning however that I have a tendency to click the like button without always paying full attention and therefore might receive a message from said ‘match’ only to wonder why we indeed matched at all, that’ll teach me to slow down and concentrate on the job in hand!
Slowing down isn’t something I’m good at but maybe I should practise that and see if my ‘match’ is out there waiting for me.❤️x


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