Here we go again

IMG_0608So it’s Wednesday once again and I’ve rocked up to ‘maths’ tonight looking like I’m off out for a night on the tiles~I am of course heading for a date afterwards but before all that I have 3 hours of equations to contend with.
I am sitting here trying to concentrate on what my tutor is talking about,all the while my mind is in overdrive worrying about my date and if my hair looks ok!
As I pull myself back into the reality of sums and numbers I’m wondering why x and y had to show up and complicate the party(algebra is not my friend!)
On a slightly more serious note it has crossed my mind that if I put in as much effort with Algebra and Pythagoras Theorem as I do with online dating and general day dreaming I could walk my exams with my eyes shut. Tonight however my poor brain cannot deal with both maths and males so one of them will have to be subtracted from the equation, surely the one to be put to one side will of course be…… maths!
Ha ha if I don’t answer some questions soon I’ll be sent out of the classroom (chance really would be a fine thing) on that note I’ll say goodbye for now, wish me luck with tonight’s adventure and I’ll be sure to update you tomorrow.❤️x


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