Can’t sleep,won’t sleep

IMG_0625.PNGBedtime is such an opportune time for my mind to start going over all sorts of crazy and usually pointless stuff just as I’m about to try and get some beauty sleep.
On tonight’s agenda we have the following burning questions~
1.Why have I been eating cherry bakewells(yes bakewells as in plural!) when I’m supposed to be on a diet?
2.Despite being home most of the afternoon why haven’t I managed to finish the ironing, do any revision or any paperwork that’s on my list which is currently longer than my arm?
3.What shall we have for dinner next week?
And last but my no means least~why did I attempt to lock the lounge door with my front door key? I mean come on seriously, I do actually wonder how I manage to function as a fully grown adult sometimes and a parent at that too~I’m constantly reminding my two that I’m the grown up in this house but maybe they know better!
If any one has answers to any of tonight’s pressing issues please feel free to drop me a line,particularly if you can’t sleep either~I’m sure I’m not the only one in the wide awake club. ❤️x


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