Time is never on my side

IMG_0615.PNGLet’s just jump back to before Wednesday maths and getting ready!!
Time was very limited and after one school run swiftly followed by a tennis lesson(not mine I might just add!) I ended up with less than an hour to finish getting ready. I had managed to wash my hair before tennis~this prompted my youngest to ask was I trying to impress his tennis coach? Erm~no!
So I’m dashing around trying to do my make up with the kids looking suspiciously at me and asking why I was wearing make up if I was only going to college, how charming of them, I like to think I try and look reasonable at all times where possible. I decided against nails tonight I didn’t fancy a re~run of a mouthful of nail glue,however I nearly have a meltdown because I can’t find the jeans I wanted to wear ~why is it that just as your getting ready to go on a date you realise you’ve actually got nothing to wear? Nothing looks or feels right hair/make up and quite frankly in my case I wish I had been sticking to my diet lately! Eventually I decide there’s not much else I can do, I am who I am and I dash off to maths leaving my bedroom resembling a jumble sale! After which
I was slightly late of course~although to be fair that was because of leaving maths later than usual so not strictly my fault for a change, other than that it went well, no  broken shoes or nail glue for me(always a bonus I feel) lots of giggles and good conversation which was nice.


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