Biscuits for breakfast

IMG_0636.PNGYou know your day is off to a good start when you’ve had roughly four hours sleep and biscuits for breakfast, not ideal by any stretch of the imagination, after rocking the sleep deprived look all morning I came home and finished off the cherry bakewells( I even discarded the rubbish so the kids have no idea they were ever in the house)That’s what I call skills!!
Safe to say the diet definitely hasn’t started today and with the weekend approaching you can be sure I’ll have to take a rain check on that until at least Monday(again!)
Having established that I’ve eaten far too much junk this week I have decided that I’ll stick to a liquid diet tomo eve,surely Prosecco can’t be too bad! Watch this space for the shenanigans that are sure to follow that. Happy Friday everyone.❤️x


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