Bright pink and going nowhere

IMG_0588Picture the scene if you will~a bright pink exercise bike in the garage in my garden,in full view of any passing neighbours with me on it also bright pink (in the face!)neither me or the bike are going anywhere!
I’ve not used it for a while and I’m sitting here surrounded by stuff lots and lots of stuff that really needs sorting but I just can’t face a trip to the tip not today not ever!!
Level with my head are two bodyboards and on the other side are boxes that have been in here since we moved in and nobody ever opens.
It all feels very cluttered a bit like my poor head,thats generally cluttered and constantly on overdrive, as I’m pedalling and typing (check me out more multi~tasking) I’m thinking that I will most likely been complaining about having a poor head in the morning as I’m off out later, this is guaranteed to be a fab night with my fab friend and I can’t wait, the hot topic of the night will of course be my love life or indeed lack of!
We will no doubt drink too much,stay up far too late whilst putting the world to rights and scrolling through my latest dating app~when you add those things into the mix what could possibly go wrong?! Watch this space and I’ll keep you posted.❤️x


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