IMG_0684I’m new to this blog and am absolutely loving writing it,really overwhelmed and grateful for everyone’s support.
I have been asked a few times how I think of what to write, it’s all just everyday stuff which lends itself to my blog! I try and see the funny side of things when I can~yesterday afternoon was a classic example.
I had to make a mad dash to Tesco, so I went in not really paying attention to anything or anyone,went to the section I needed and ended up with armfuls of sanitary towels(not mine obviously, but that’s a story for another time)after dropping two of said packets on the floor I bend down muttering to myself,and asking why I hadn’t got myself a basket?! Having finally gathered them all safely back in my arms and feeling a bit silly at having so many (they were on offer I couldn’t say no) I literally stumble around the corner and narrowly miss crashing head first into a tall handsome stranger, I could feel myself flush at least 6 shades of red as I turned and practically sprinted to the checkout, before realising that I had forgotten the sausages that I had also gone in for! Fortunately I spot a basket and gratefully put my shopping in, locate the sausages and head home, still muttering~why? Why on earth did I not get a trolley or basket in the first place, trust me!
Of course it can’t all be giggles some days everything’s good the kids have had their five a day and I’m practically Mary poppins
Other days it’s beans on toast,tears and no ones done any homework!
But within these times you’ve got to try and find the good even if it’s well hidden and things to smile about are a little thin on the ground.
I truly believe there is something good to be found each and every day.❤️x


13 thoughts on “Smile

  1. I used to live above a supermarket and I would never take a basket or bag and then have to ring the bell for my flat with my head to get my housemate to let me in. #kcacols

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