IMG_0675Somehow Monday has snuck on me once again and in true Monday style it’s crazy in my household.
My daughter is hogging the dry shampoo(which I desperately need) and despite having organised the kids uniforms and lunches I’m set to leave the house with no lunch and without half of my own uniform!
In amongst the chaos something pops up that made me giggle.
Having being told that I have lovely eyes (blush!) I was asked is that my best feature?
I replied that I’m not very good at selling myself’ in fact as I’ve found out today when I began to write 11 random facts about me,writing about myself isn’t as easy as I had anticipated.
I had to smile when this reply came through’ no need to sell yourself, consider yourself sold I would buy you!’
So Just for a giggle if my heart was a fun advert it could look something like this~

Big heart ❤️ looking for a home
Happy,smiley and seeking fun adventures.
Only a few previous owners,
Is in good working order but could benefit from some tlc from the right person.
Apply within, no time wasters please.

Got to love a giggle on a crazy Monday.
So there you have it a little summary of my heart which would love someone to make it skip a beat. ❤️x


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