Sweet Dreams

IMG_0689Having managed to survive the day after having approx 3hours sleep last night, I must say it’s gone much better than I anticipated. This morn when I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed I was exhausted and quite frankly grumpy!
However not only have I managed to organise myself and get my backside on the sofa at a far more reasonable hour than usual, I have also found my work jumper that I’ve been searching for since Yesterday morning~it had folded itself up and was hidden away in the washing basket who knew that would be the place to look for it(clearly not me!)
This evening I’m feeling very positive my lovely little blog has brought me back in contact with friends I’ve not seen for a while and it’s been so nice to chat and arrange coffee etc.
So as I sit here watching my absolute favourite programme which of course is~First Dates, I’ve got a big smile on my face.
It won’t be long until my bed is calling me, sweet dreams everyone.❤️x


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