Not today


Today’s forecast of extreme tiredness with likely outbreaks of grumpiness is sponsored by lack of sleep! Having made it through maths(just about!)
My mind decided we should play that fun game called~let’s stay up all night, I must say this has a very different meaning to staying up all night partying,which would be a lot more fun but let’s face it would take me a week to recover from.
I got up and made the kids a cooked breakfast and narrowly avoid adding sweet chilli sauce instead of ketchup on to my daughters,not quite sure how well that would of gone down, I follow this up by screaming at the top of my voice when faced with some large random insect type thing at the top of the stairs,which of course turned out to be some cotton rolled up! Finally we’ve run out bread a fact I only realise as I’m about to make lunches.
Safe to say it’s going to be one of those days.
Maybe I should avoid the dating apps today,my tolerance level isn’t great and if I get one more message offering me naked pics I might scream, I mean come on I’m a grown woman I know what these things look like and no thanks I don’t want to see yours!
I’ll leave you on that jolly note and will be sure to catch up with you all later.❤️x


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