Now timing is a funny thing isn’t it.
Is there really such a thing as good or bad timing?
I say this because I was chatting to someone this morning online, he sent me one or two messages and then asked me if I would like to meet for coffee, or was it too soon as we’ve only just exchanged messages?
You can imagine my first response in my head was oh no, I am no where near ready to face the world let alone go and socialise with a complete stranger~I mean for a start what would I wear?!
I politely declined as I did have lots to do, but it got me thinking about maybe I should of just gone.
Surely life is too short to not take a chance now and then, and its much better to chat in person than online.
I’m far from organised and am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of person generally~like today driving my car with 0 miles until empty and hoping with all my will that it would get me to the petrol station ( thankfully it did) however on the flip side of that I’m not always impulsive and do like to know what I’m doing(even if I’m never ready on time!)
I’ve often to said to my friends I think it’s far better to meet some one than keep texting/messaging because you can’t get a true sense of anyone that way.
So I’m kicking myself now, I should of said yes and taken that chance, after all there’s nothing to lose.
Maybe next time! ❤️x


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