As Predicted


So yesterday went pretty much as expected, I had been grumpy and my patience was running out as quick as the petrol in my car!
I managed to knock a whole pot of sugar all over the kitchen floor which really made my day!
Went to Tesco with the kids and couldn’t understand why the trolley wouldn’t accept my £1~after a few attempts and wondering if it required a new £1 coin~my son laughed and said ‘Mummy, you don’t even need to put a coin in it,did you not notice that?!’ Oh yes clearly I did and just thought it would be entertaining to stand here for five mins hmm.
Literally having put one foot inside the door of Tesco the kids decided to start moaning, I was wishing I had got my act together and done this before they got home from school, as I was trying to reason with them my voice gets slightly louder, my daughter side steps out of the way so my last comment of ‘for goodness sake can you behave’ is aimed right in the ear of some random stranger who looks slightly confused assumably thinking he was already on his best behaviour ha ha.
Finally after what seemed like forever, I was in the kitchen sorting out dinner and although I can smell burning nothing is happening on the hob~that’s because I’ve not turned it on,however the stuff I had forgotten to take out of the oven was now turning a very dark shade of brown~give me strength!
On the plus side I had some fab help with my blog and lovely catch up with a great friend.
Happy Friday everyone,hope it’s a good one for you all.❤️x


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