Years and Years 

Today my Mum has her last day at work~she is retiring. As I spoke to her last night about how she felt about her last ever working day, the thing that struck me the most was when she said’ I have worked there for 17 years and it’s gone so quick, thats 17 years of my life gone by in what seems like a flash’. 

This made me stop and think wow 17 years ago I was 22years (check out my maths skills!) I had just got married, moved to sunny Worthing and hadn’t yet had children. This move to Worthing saw me leaving my friends and family back home which at the time and still now on occasion can feel like a million miles away.

Fast forward to the present day~and here I am having made a life in West Sussex. In those years things have changed considerably and I now find myself as a single Mum living with my two children. Whilst I wouldn’t change that for the world it’s certainly a different outcome to anything I ever anticipated.

However along the way I have been blessed to become a Mum to my two favourite people in the world and have made some truly amazing friends. I consider myself very lucky to have the support and love from both my wonderful family and friends. 

As I sit here typing this I wonder where life will take me in the next 17 years to come, obviously I don’t have a crystal ball but I am certain whatever happens it will be full of love,laughter and good times. ❤️x


11 thoughts on “Years and Years 

  1. What a lovely post! Life can throw things at us and the ability to make it good is our challenge. You sound so very happy – I know the post was about something else but it was very uplifting. #KCACOLS

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