Flipping Crazy

It’s true there’s never a dull moment in our house~but I love it. This morning I am up early, not strictly by choice obviously! As soon as the kids have established that my eyes are at least open they requested pancakes for breakfast. To be fair that sounds good to me, it would be  even better if someone else made them and my coffee aswell whilst I slept for a week! 

So I pop downstairs taking my usual direct route to the kettle, it’s safe to say I am most certainly not a morning person and require coffee before anything else. 

As I pass through the lounge my daughter says ‘ Wow Mummy have you seen your hair this morning? It looks crazy, you must never stay still when your asleep!’ Asleep? What does that mean I wonder~it certainly was another restless night and I can confirm that I am rocking the pulled through a hedge backwards look.

I certainly wouldn’t want a picture taken now for my dating profile right now that’s for sure~I don’t think the world is quite ready for that! 

I’m off to drink~let’s  face it far too much coffee and of course eat too many pancakes~well it is the weekend after all.❤️x


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