Music to my ears 

What a funny evening it’s been. As you all know I’m very new to blogging and tonight I noticed that on twitter a ‘blog linky’ was being hosted. I wasn’t sure how to go about participating so I tweeted one of the hosts intending to ask how etc, however instead of saying’ I’m super new how do I join?’ I simply put~’I’m super how do I join?’ You can imagine how embarrassed I was about that!!

I decided it was time for bed and was laying here reading my book and all I could here was some classical type music, playing over and over again seemingly the same piece. Well I thought maybe the neighbours were playing it but the same music, why not different? I’ll tell you why~because it’s coming from the kids room, they’re having a sleepover tonight and had been watching a film that’s now ended and the closing titles are still playing!! I’m so glad I realised or I would of been laying in bed feeling very frustrated(which my neighbours probably have been).

On that note I really must get some sleep(if that’s ever possible). I shall catch up with you soon.❤️x


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