Bathroom conveyor belt

IMG_0773.PNGToday my parents are coming to visit us for lunch, we are all really looking forward to this and the preparations are under way.

My daughter has been up early making biscuits~so when I came downstairs in search of caffeine the kitchen wasn’t looking it’s best! A quick tidy up and all is good.

I’ve peeled the veg and organised who’s in line for the bathroom. Shouldn’t be too difficult you wouldn’t think~there’s only the three of us but it’s like a conveyor belt of whose in next and if you don’t get the order right my son and I will be waiting forever for my pre~teen to get out of said bathroom!

I’ll be putting my multi~tasking skills to the test and shall be finishing my housework whilst the dinner is in the oven, all sounds so good~what could possibly go wrong?!

As I’m always one to be trying to do more than one thing at once, I had a quick check of my messages online whilst in the bath(fortunately I didn’t drop it,this has been known on occasion!).

Nothing much happening on there at the moment, I will be sure to check back later just in case the man of my dreams has popped up whilst I’m busy cooking and tidying!!

That said~I’m looking forward to lunch and hopefully a walk along the beach later with my lovely family, this is what Sundays are made for.❤️x


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