How many frogs?

In all good fairy tales we are told that to find a prince you must kiss a frog(or frogs??). Hmm not sure I fancy that idea very much, I did however have a frog in my garden this afternoon!! As I was sitting here minding my own business he too was doing the same. I’m not quite sure which one of us was more shocked I screamed of course!! Fortunately my Dad was on hand to scoop him up and move him to safety(away from an agitated 39yr old!!!) 

I think that shows that we are never too old to need our parents~I know I’m definitely not. Aside from dealing with the frog they also de~weeded my over grown garden and cut back some bushes too.

Fortunately I had cooked a nice roast dinner with no catastrophes first to re pay them.

We finished the afternoon off toasting marshmallows on the fire pit, getting them just right so they where firm on the outside and soft on the inside~sounds like my perfect guy~maybe  I should of kissed that frog after all! ❤️x


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