One thing at a time

Oh my goodness I’m surrounded by men nice looking ones at that!
I’m at the Swimming pool (fully clothed thank goodness!!!)

The trouble is it’s not the best time or place to be looking good
It’s so hot it’s like getting a free sauna whilst wearing jeans.

The overshoes you need to wear are bright blue and plastic and as usual I didn’t have time to reapply my makeup before dashing out of the house.
I am however quite well placed to peruse the view without being too conspicuous.

Once the lesson is over I’ve got my eye on something else it’s looking particularly inviting tonight~it is of course the coffee machine always hard to resist!
I brought along some revision but am far too distracted,sadly sums are no match for tonight’s viewings.

I do however open my books and try and concentrate,clearly not hard enough as I manage to spill coffee on my paperwork~surely that must be a sign.
Concentrate on one thing at a time, oh ok then~bye bye maths!!❤️x


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