Tell me about yourself


Two questions I’ve been asked quite frequently.
1.Why are you on here?
2.Why are you single?

Not wishing to answer a question with a question but why is the sky blue?!

Now the first one is probably slightly easier to answer. Online dating is everywhere isn’t it?
Everywhere you look it’s being advertised as the way forward in meeting people and dating.

I must admit from my point of view it certainly is an easier way of connecting with people when time is limited and meeting people seems to be so much harder,now I am(dare I say it) getting older, and have different priorities.

As for the second question well….why are any of us single?!
If I knew the answer to that I wouldn’t be participating in online dating!
I’m never quite sure how to answer that one, I’m highly unlikely to give a top ten list of my bad habits and I certainly don’t have any feedback reviews from any of my exes to hand out(thank goodness)ha ha!

When you first start messaging people it can feel like an interview you might as well just start with an opening line of~so tell me about yourself and include all past dating history and up to date references,maybe that would save a lot of time and hassle?!

However I’m not sure quite sure that’s the way forward in reality.
Getting to know people is all part of the fun and if your nosey like me all the better I say!❤️x


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