Things to do


I love a to do list, the trouble is I write them then I lose them which kind of defeats the object I feel.

Today’s to do list should look like this~

*Post office (collect surprise item)I literally have no idea what it is!



*Sort out paperwork

*Stick to my diet

Let’s be honest though this is probably more likely to happen~

*Plonk backside on sofa and be none the wiser re~parcel.

*Ignore the dust it’ll still be there tomorrow and the next day.

*Count how many episodes of loose women I can manage to fit in before the school run and class that as my daily dose of maths.

*Ignore anything resembling paperwork unless it happens to be my new book which I would quite like to start reading.

*Raid the cupboards for anything sweet and hope that I’ve hidden some cherry bakewells in there somewhere!!

It’s true you should do something that makes you happy everyday
Hmm someone pass me the bakewells!!! ❤️x


3 thoughts on “Things to do

  1. My trick with to-do lists is not to make them too long. If there’s too much on there I don’t want to do any of it! Cherry bakewells sound like a good idea tho, put those on the list :p Thanks for linking to #GlobalBlogging

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