To say it’s a small world is an understatement, never a truer word was spoken when that statement became reality.

Let me take you back slightly to when I had become newly single.

I signed up to a dating site and had started chatting to someone, I knew he was local but obviously not exact location etc.

He asked me if I was free to meet for a drink that evening, I had already made plans to go out with friends so we left it at that, both of us saying we would rearrange at a later date.

Having met with my friends we were sat in the pub deciding what to order for dinner. The conversation had turned(as usual) to the subject of my love life.

I told them I had been asked for a drink tonight and showed them his profile.

Imagine my surprise when one of my friends suddenly announced ‘oh my goodness, that guy you were talking about has just walked in!’ Of course they both turned to look and as I hid behind the menu not believing them at all, I caught a glimpse and low and behold it was him!

I didn’t think he’d seen me although he must of heard the laughter erupting from our table as I turned about 20 shades of pink and repeated over and over to my friends that no I could not go over and say hi!!

When we left the pub we messaged each other, he asked how my evening was and vice~versa. It turns out he hadn’t seen me in the pub, but had seen a group of girls and asked was I the blonde one? Erm no look at my profile pic that will confirm that one ha ha.

Anyway he said he often goes into that particular pub as its local to him. Likewise it’s the nearest pub to my house too.

He proceeded to ask me if I knew a certain road and I said yes.

I knew it alright because it’s the same road that I live on!!

It turned out we live almost opposite each other~what are the chances?!

I had never seen him although he would walk pass my house sometimes daily.

We did meet up but decided we were both looking for different things. Even now I’ve only seen him walking past once or twice.

To this day it still makes me laugh that despite living a stones throw away from one another,neither of us knew anything about the other until we happened upon each other online.

It certainly is a big old world out there.❤️x


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