Oh what a night


I’ve just got home from a fab,fab night.

It started off like most nights~trying to decide what to wear,how to do my hair and make up all in a very short space of time!

Once I was sorted I had to find the right shoes. It’s a well known fact that I don’t like going out in flat shoes,so it had to be heels although because of my back being problematic this week I opted for ‘small’ heels( nothing like a compromise!)

I picked up my friend and we headed for the pub, we had a great time watching a brilliant band.

During the eve I was chatting to some guys who gave me some male prospective on my favourite topic~dating! It was great to chat to them about it and see if they have similar views to us ladies.

I can confirm they did, you’ll be able to hear more about that when I’ve finished compiling my dos and don’t’s of dating from both sides.

After lots of singing and a little boogie it was time to go.
My car decided to play that fun game called’ basically you have no petrol left’ and went from saying 10miles to 2miles until empty in a matter of minutes.
Having established that most petrol stations where now shut luckily we found one that was open 24hrs and fortunately despite saying 0miles until empty we made it.
I went in to pay and came out with a coffee and some chocolate, how did that happen at gone midnight?!

Having dropped my friend home I got in and had the unenviable task of removing half of my wardrobe plus my perfume,body lotion and hair brush off of my bed so I could get in it! I really must try and get some sleep I’ve got to be up early for maths revision~oh the joys!

Still I can’t complain it’s been a great start to the weekend.❤️x




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