Day dreams and Ice~creams

I was just driving home from swimming, its such a beautiful evening. As we drove along the seafront the sun was low and the tide was out, I definitely feel so lucky to live near the beach.

One of my favourite songs came on the radio and as I was singing along (badly) at the top of my voice with the kids, it took me right back to a weekend away I had with my fab friends.

Just listening to the words made me think of one of many girlie weekends away in Bournemouth.

Instantly I could picture us out in town what I was wearing and the gorgeous birthday glasses they insisted that I wear all weekend!!

I remember before we left there was a possibility of problems with the trains and we debated driving instead, fortunately this didn’t happen and we managed to leave the car at home.

Little things came straight into my mind~the pubs we went to, the people we chatted to. Feeling a little fragile the next morning and getting locked out of our hotel room when I popped to the vending machine to get a bottle of water.

Then having to go down to reception in my night wear only to bump into a stag party! The  receptionist was not impressed at my key not working and muttered something about having told us not to put the key card next to a mobile phone~oops!!!

Going for a yummy breakfast at what has now become our favourite cafe and one we have to visit for our breakfast whenever we are in Bournemouth.

Finally the journey home on the train, as you can imagine there was lots of flashbacks,giggles and laughter as we reminisced about the two great nights out we had just had. Funnier still was the guy who was sat across from us who ‘appeared’ to be asleep for the whole journey, when we got up to leave the train it was clear he hadn’t been sleeping and must of had a good laugh listening to our shenanigans!! 

Great memories of great times, I love how music plays such a big part in memories and life.❤️x


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