I’m sitting outside in the beautiful sunshine as I write this, the sky is so blue and the birds are singing
It’s all very peaceful or should I say it was before I gave the neighbours an impromptu flash of my underwear as a ladybird flew straight down my top~to be fair I thought it was a wasp and In my haste pulled my vest top almost fully down revealing an eye full, sorry everyone!!

I’ve cut the grass which was resembling a jungle, I’m not entirely sure it looks any better now though it’s had what can only be described as a very bad haircut! Gardening clearly isn’t one of my best subjects.

Speaking of subjects it’s my last evening at maths tonight and although it’s been hard going I will actually miss it, I’ve met some great people and made new friends , I’m hoping that my maths skills have improved too ha ha.

They will certainly be put to the test tomorrow when we sit the first of three exams.To say I’m nervous would be any understatement but as I say to my two all the time as long as you your best that’s fair enough.

Still we shall see what tomorrow brings(hopefully all the answers!)
I shall now finish tidying up the mess I’ve made out here whilst enjoying the sun.
Happy Wednesday everyone.❤️x


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