When all you want to do is get in bed but you can’t because your waiting for the washing machine to finish what is supposed to be a quick wash but seems to have been spinning for ages.

And when it finally finishes you can’t find your bed because it’s covered in summer clothing that you’ve dug out of the wardrobe now that the sun has decided to shine for more than one day.

Having found said clothing this now provides a visual reminder of why having ‘biscuits for breakfast’ and ‘sneaking cherry bakewells into the house’ wasn’t such a good idea and sticking to the diet would of been much better!

As I sit here looking at my brown feet and white legs I regret to inform you that summer clothes will have to be worn to at least prevent me from looking like a zebra!

Eventually I managed to crawl into bed at a fairly respectable time (for me anyway) hoping to have some much needed sleep.

Of course I’ve woken up feeling fresh as a daisy~hang on who am I kidding?!
Sleep just doesn’t like me so I’m as tired as ever, however it’s Friday which means two things~1. It’s the weekend~yippee and 2.its chocolate Friday~yummy.

I hope your Friday is happy and yummy too.❤️x


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