Yesterday was a fab day, busy as ever but much fun. It started off like most days in our house with coffee and me running late!  We had planned to meet family at the beach, and after almost locking my keys in the car we sat down for a picnic.

After lunch, despite the weather not being as nice, the children had a great time playing together at the splash pad and enjoyed getting soaking wet.

We popped home to get warm and dry then headed over to Brighton to meet a good friend of ours and of course do a little shopping.

Several shops later and I was definitely ready for a rest. Our next stop was at Prezzo down  at the Marina, where we were lucky enough to take part in the BritMums#PrezzoLaFamigliachallenge sponsored by Prezzo.

It had turned into a lovely evening and their was much excitement as we walked around the Marina admiring the array of boats and glistening sea.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we where given a choice of tables, the children chose a booth which was great as it had a round table and comfy seating.

We were shown the menu and the options available for the LaFamiglia sharing pasta bowl. Their was 4 tempting options to choose from. We settled for spaghetti Carbonara (a firm favourite).

Whilst waiting for our main we were served two large garlic breads which were easily big enough for us all( we even had some left over).

The children were busy with a word  search  puzzle sheet they had been given, we had our drinks and enjoyed talking about our day.

When the Spaghetti Carbonara was brought over in a large bowl and placed in the middle of the table, my daughter was thrilled to be able to serve us all our dinner. She handed out bowls and was happy to choose the portion she wanted. After going back for seconds she publicly declared that ‘the food was amazing’ and better than what Mummy cooks at home!

It certainly was lovely to relax and enjoy a wonderful meal and good company, not having to wash up was also an added bonus!

We were almost too full up for desert but couldn’t resist the ice~cream. Chocolate and strawberry were popular choices and very, very nice. My ever adventurous girl chose chocolate and sea~salt gelato and gave that a big thumbs up too.

I couldn’t leave without having a coffee (of course) an Americano which tasted as good as it looked. After a chat with the friendly staff we headed for home.

It was a peaceful drive home along the seafront with the sun setting behind us. My youngest slept all the way home, tired out after a busy day. A day of making more memories with my favourite people.❤️x


11 thoughts on “Family~Time 

  1. Oh stop it, you’re making me soooo hungry. This looks absolutely delish and all my favourite dishes 🙂 Absolutely love going for a walk around the Marina whenever we are in Brighton too.

    Thanks for linking up.


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