Tomorrow we are going camping again for two nights this time.

I am all packed and ready, not remotely stressed and super organised. 
Ha ha ha who am I kidding?!

The only thing I’ve managed to do is spend a small fortune for enough food to feed the campsite!
I may have also been slightly distracted by the new nail varnish and lamp that my daughter and I have just brought and couldn’t wait to try out.
So in reality apart from having nice nails and some food,I am as unorganised as ever.

I get far too sidetracked and really need to learn to stick to one job at a time.

Of course it will all get done eventually, I did however not want to be up all night doing it!
Their has been a few giggles today.

In particular some classic one liners on the dating apps. Now I know it’s not easy to think of something different and maybe attention grabbing when you message some one for the first time but these did make me smile.
Firstly~ Hi sorry for the late reply, (hilarious I didn’t even message you.)

Then~ I’ve lost my number please can I have yours?

And last but by no means least~I know your inbox must be full but I hope you’ll reply to me!!
Maybe I should take some tips from them and be a little more creative with my conversation starters?!

For now though however I really must get packed and organised and hope that the rain stays away for the next few days.

Happy Sunday everyone.❤️x


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