Fun and smiles 

I am pleased to announce that we have woken to a dry morning thank goodness. We had our fair share of rain yesterday but it didn’t dampen our spirits. In between the showers we managed to light the BBQ and keep it going long enough to cook some dinner.

 It then absolutely chucked down talk about timing!

We sheltered in the tent and played games and music until bedtime.

The kids all settled well and us grown ups sat outside enjoying the peaceful eve.

This gave me the opportunity to check my messages,imagine my surprise when I got a message from someone who is also staying on the same campsite~talk about a small world!

In case your wondering no I haven’t seen him~as much as I’m embracing the camping lifestyle and have showered and blow dried my hair I’m hoping not to bump into him anytime soon he he.

I’m hoping to see the sun today and make a trip to the beach,in the mean time it’s so nice to be out in the fresh air, seeing the kids run around and enjoy all the open space around us.

Happy days.❤️x


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