Little things 

Something I learnt last night I’m rubbish at football!!Had a fab time playing it though apart from when the ball came any where near me and I screamed like a girl,he he.

Apparently I’m also embarrassing~who knew?! Muuuummmmm don’t say that your not a teenager and it’s not coolSorry kids I think it is! 

Although they fight and argue my two have an unbreakable bond.My daughter hurt her leg and was crying, my son stopped what he was doing and went to see if she was ok,gave her hug and kept checking up on her.

Before I climbed into bed I peeked in at them snuggled up,fast asleep in the tent and my heart melted. They may be growing up so fast but they will always be my babies. 

As I laid in bed it was quiet and cosy it reminded me of camping as a child and the fun we used to have.

I know my two have had a fab time and I also know that one day they will look back fondly on these memories too.

I have however had a terrible nights sleep and am in need of some strong coffee before I even contemplate taking the tent down.

The kids are still fast asleep, whilst I begin the joy that is organising and re~packing the car,no doubt it won’t go in half as well as it did when we left home on Monday all excited to be here.

Wish me luck~I think I’m going to need it.❤️x


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