Just had to share this with you.It really was a case of laugh or cry today.

I chose laughter because quite frankly it’s so ridiculous!

I’ll set the scene for you~ my daughter had just popped into the shop for me. She left her very flat (in size) black mobile phone on the dash board.

A few minutes later she was back in the car and off we went.

Obviously it’s a beautifully sunny day and the windows were wound fully down.

Just as we approached home I turned left off of a roundabout, the next thing I know there’s a thud and my daughter shouts words I was never expecting to hear ‘Mummy my phone has fallen out of the window’.

You can imagine my reaction of ‘what on earth!!!’ I managed to park the car in a nearby lay by, I jumped out and ran towards the path hoping that’s where it had landed but oh no it was in the road. 

Fortunately no traffic was coming so I was able to grab it safely.

However of course that’s not the end of the drama~ it wasn’t the whole phone I had picked up it was one part of it, I grabbed the other two parts and headed back to the car muttering to myself!
It was only once I had sat back in the car that I remembered I was still wearing my pyjama bottoms( drove home from the campsite in them!)

So not only had I made a mad dash to pick up said phone I was wearing ugg boots and pj bottoms too.

It all happens in our family!❤️x


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