Their seems to be a theme this week with nightwear and being in public.

After my mad dash to collect my daughters mobile from the road in my pjs,this happened last night.

 I was tidying up before bed and noticed that my sons jumper was in the garden still, having just had a bath I had my dressing gown on, it was dark outside so I decided to make a dash for it, completely forgetting about the sensor light out there. 

Just as I reached for the jumper feeling thankful that no one could see me~ping!!! The garden lit up as bright as anything,I’m not sure I’ve ever moved so quickly hehe.

Apologies once again neighbours! Speaking of neighbours we have a new neighbour whom I’m still yet to actually see but he is male and rides a motorbike. Am hoping he didn’t see me dashing around in my dressing gown last night~first impressions and all that!

Happy Friday everyone. ❤️x


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