I finally fell into bed at 4.15am this morning it was starting to get light and I contemplated just staying up but I’m not sure how long that would take me to recover from these days!

After approx 3.5hrs sleep I decided I would get myself organised for next week back to work and school.

I was off to a marvellous start when I realised that yes I had washed the children’s school uniforms but no I’ve no idea where I have actually put them(surely they can’t be too far away).

Everything else was going well, washing is up to date and I pop out to buy a few party bits for my sons birthday.

After spending a small fortune on hardly anything I came home with a Bakewell tart that literally found its own way into my basket all by itself and two number 7 candles.Now that would be lovely if my boy was going to be 77 yrs but as he is in fact going to be 11yrs a trip back to swop them over will be required.

I also managed to pick up and drop 12 bottles of water all over the floor,thankfully they didn’t leak and a very helpful lady helped me to retrieve them. Once I had paid and was struggling with them plus another bag of shopping my jeans felt it would be an appropriate time to start revealing my underwear just as I didn’t have a free hand to do anything about it. 

I would say I made a quick dash to the car, but I decided for reasons best known to myself to wear those ridiculous shoes and therefore had to do my best Aunt Sally walk!

A few plus points today~it’s lovely and sunny still and my next door neighbours landlord has been busy outside in their front garden~the front garden that is quite helpfully situated within perfect viewing distance from my lounge window. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this, let’s just say it was pleasant viewing! 

I am now off to get the correct age candles and eat let’s face it far too much Bakewell tart.

Happy Saturday everyone.❤️x


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