Last night I went out with the girls to our local pub.

It was a lovely warm evening and I decided to wear my open toe wedges because I love them and I don’t often wear them this is simply because sadly they aren’t the most comfortable shoes. I decided that as we weren’t going out dancing I should be fine with just a quick walk to the pub from the car.

By the end of the night even that proved too much for them! 

As I said I was driving so I had a coke first and then towards the end of the evening decided that I would have a coffee~now I have to say this made me feel old asking for a coffee in the pub. I was very upset when I found out I couldn’t have one as the coffee machine was being cleaned~I was very tempted to ask if they could just use their kettle from the kitchen to make me one instead.

I did in fact wait until I was home and then had one~no prizes for guessing whilst I was still awake at 3am then!

We had a lovely night lots of girlie gossip and conversations about men and dating(of course!).

On spotting one rather nice looking male at the bar we got back round to the subject of ideals when dating and deal breakers and of course height. One thing I always like if I’m being totally honest is someone who is taller than me(even when I have my heels on).

But who knows maybe the man of my dreams may even be shorter or the same height as me?!

We also discussed our up coming trip to Dublin for my birthday~the dreaded big 40, and how my suitcase would have to be organised well if I am to manage to pack all required items into it for three days~this sounds like a mammoth task to me.

My biggest problem with this is underwear I simply have to take several sets all of which need to match. I think I will have try and take my good friends advice of’ one black,one white and six pairs of knickers!’ All I can say is watch this space.

In other news I have been nominated for a Real Neat Blog Award~ I can’t tell you how happy that made me.

I love my little blog and do honestly appreciate all your support,follows and shares. So to be nominated for this really did put a smile on my face.

Lots of love everyone your all fab.❤️x


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