11 years 

Today my boy~my youngest turns 11yrs old.

I can’t quite believe it~how on earth did that happen?! How have 11 years passed in what seems like the blink of an eye.

So much has happened in those years, lots of good things and some not so good things.

One thing is for certain though~he is growing up to be a wonderful son whom I am super proud of.

Yesterday he very excitedly celebrated his last day( with friends and family) being ten and counting down the hours until becoming eleven, it made me think, wow 11yrs ago I was still in my twenties not looking forward to being thirty and now I’m hanging on to my thirties by a thread as I rapidly approach 40yrs!!

Something I have definitely noticed since becoming a parent is that while you watch your children age and grow you forget that your ageing too. 

We had a really nice eve and even managed a quick picnic at the beach before the heavens opened and then came home for birthday cake and jam tarts made by my lovely Mum.

As I look at him this morning getting so grown up, trying out his new scooter and football, then at a photo of him as a newborn it brings tears to my eyes~happy tears though. How lucky am I to be sharing this crazy journey with not one but two beautiful children.

To add to that we are surrounded by amazing family and friends.

It may be #hump day but it’s a very happy birthday to my beautiful boy.



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