Tears and Laughter 

It’s been a busy week here and everyone is tired and grumpy tonight, it’s a close call between whose the grumpiest but I think I could sneak into first place fairly easily!

I’m blaming the lack of sleep and too much birthday cake~story of my life really let’s be honest although to be fair it needs eating up so my diet can re~start yet again.

I’ve had my second exam today and literally cannot wait until Tuesday until the third and final one.

After the dreaded exam I had a lovely lunch and catch up with a very good friend~it was just what the doctor ordered and certainly cheered me up~as always their was so much to talk about and not enough time but I left feeling much better~I’m so lucky to have such fab friends that’s for sure.

After two school runs and various running around, I went and voted.

Voting proved as many things often do that your never too old for Dads advice, I gave him a quick call before I went in for some good old Dad wisdom (and yes I did pay attention he he).

When I finally got home I decided to ignore the housework and have convinced myself I’ll do it tomorrow.

I fed the kids and whilst finalising arrangements for my boys birthday party on Saturday I managed to text one of his friends Mums all of the correct details whilst calling her son by a completely different name~oops.

In other news~my Facebook page has now hit 105 likes and followers which has really made me smile.

Thank you to you all for following my crazy antics, I really do love my little blog.❤️x


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