Ups and downs 

It’s been a busy week as usual,and although that’s nothing new with my exams and one thing and another I must confess to having found myself a bit of an emotional wreck,if life is a rollercoaster I’ve certainly had some ups and downs that’s for sure.

Still alls well that ends well and I don’t like to let things drag me down if I can help it.

Apart from my exam and the general running around that is daily life~yesterday I had my sons sports day~I love going to see them participate in such things and it was a lovely day too.

As I dropped him off to school I was given strict instructions not to cheer or call out as it’s off putting apparently!

Well I’m a proud Mummy always and I couldn’t help but just call out a little bit of encouragement as he sped passed me (think I got away with it!).

This morning my daughter has gone off on a school trip and after much deliberation of what to wear~she simply had to borrow my converse because they would go with her current outfit and the spare option she is taking in case she gets hot and needs to change!

Having dropped her to the coach to meet her very excited friends, I’m back home for a quick tidy up before heading off to take my boy and his friends to play football at the leisure centre, where I can possibly grab an hour to catch up with my book or maybe some revision. I say maybe because no doubt I’ll be distracted by something or other~you should all know what I’m like by now.

The sun has made a reappearance so I’m looking forward to getting out in the garden later too.

Happy Saturday everyone.❤️x


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