What can I say? It’s been a lovely weekend, fab weather and great company.

Today we parked at the beach and had a long walk/scoot along the seafront which was really nice.

We stopped at the park for some football and zip wire fun and then went to do some crabbing.
The children caught loads of crabs some pretty big ones, the water looked pretty dirty today and thankfully the only thing that fell in was a bucket. My daughter had a close call though~as I being the ever helpful Mum moved the net away from her as I didn’t want to trip over it, as I moved it, it caught her foot she thought it was a crab on her and darted forward narrowly missing going head first into the water~oops trust me! 

All that waking made for quite a few steps today, I need to get back into my morning exercises if I’m going to stop getting beaten at my Fitbit challenges, therefore I shall get it charged and ready for the morning, watch this space!

After a picnic lunch we went in search of ice~creams,unfortunately the sun had gone in and it became a bit chilly but there were no complaints as the ice~creams were so good.

We headed back to the car, to realise my brake lights weren’t working~marvellous.

A quick trip to Halfords to buy the bulbs and then a stop at a friends house to get them fitted quickly sorted that, the sun had reappeared and the kids got to go in a hot tub so more smiles all round.

I decided that no one needs to see me in a swim suit so was happy sitting in the sunshine,drinking coffee watching the kids splashing and laughing.

Home after a lovely day~usual routine of ironing and making lunches trying to get some organisation in my life~who knows maybe one day I might surprise myself~until that day let the crazy chaos continue.❤️x


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