Take the plunge 

Finally the day of our third and final maths exam has arrived~In fact the exam is now over and done with, it’s a big relief although I can’t help but think I’ve not done enough.

Still only time will tell as we won’t find out until Aug which seems like ages away.

I was surprisingly calm this morning~and even got up extra early to do my exercises, just as I was about to jump in the shower my daughter appeared wondering if I would make her a bacon sandwich, I said no as we had to leave early, then she suggested an egg one~same response from me.

She then suggests she will cook it herself~that’s fine she’s more than capable. However it went more like this~Mummy can I cook myself an egg, yes you can.

Ok I’ll do it but~can you check the oil,then can you crack the egg, and finally is it cooked enough? I may as well of done it myself! Especially as when I came downstairs the washing up was left on the side! 

Anyway we left on time and I dropped them off with friends and headed off to my exam.

Obviously we had to make a quick stop at Costa for a well needed vanilla latte. I was equally thrilled when I looked in my maths bag and found a pack of wispas how I had forgotten that they were in there I’ll never know! 

My nerves totally kicked in as soon as we pulled into the car park and I felt like I had a complete mind block as soon as I sat down.

Afterwards it was nice to chat to everyone and arrange to meet up again~it’s certainly been a hectic year but I’m glad I took the plunge and decided to do it, if nothing else it’s been nice to meet new people and make new friends along the way.

I like the idea of ‘taking the plunge’ so to speak ,so often I think about things and put obstacles in front of them that needn’t be there.

They do say life begins at 40 and as that is approaching so fast maybe it’ll be my year for taking the plunge in whatever challenge presents itself next. Watch this space.❤️x


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